Courthouse Mini: in Floral Universe (can make 3 more)

100% Vegan + Luxe Materials

Female Founded Small Business

Made by hand in NYC by a couturier

Zero Waste Reclaimed & Recycled Materials

Creating these very limited


Is a dream come true! It means I get to create art often, slowly with my hands, using amazing vintage and deadstock materials I find, along with featuring handmade art by artists that inspire me. Making things with my hands, and finding unique things a home create a lot of joy for me.

I also design with comfort in mind, the comfort not only to move, but to feel beautiful doing whatever you want that day - eating, dancing, sitting - running through a field of daisies with your three rescued pups, ya know the usual!

xo Leanne

this design brought to life

with Japanese Couturier, Mika

Wedding gowns are maybe the most complex type of apparel to build. They must be constructed at the highest quality, and a couturier must be a true problem solver and inventor to be able to translate a vision into reality over a spectrum of designs, cuts, and materials.

After meeting with another couturier, something didn't feel right. I checked my email again to see if Mika had responded and realized I had missed hers.

When we met - with her fervent love for her dogs, her parents, anime covering her walls, and her contagious enthusiasm for problem solving and overwhelming kindness - I knew it would be WAY more fun to work with her on these. We spent almost every day for months working on these designs, and I'm so happy for you to see them incarnated, waiting to find the right person to celebrate with.

this gown is created to

celebrate a {human you love} including details made by {humans we love} of which their sales support {humans they love}

From Julia in Kiev supporting her family with her embroidered animals to Jen using the sales of her hand crocheted flowers to make care packages for shut in seniors and homeless individuals - each gown is the result of art I've had the JOY of bringing together by many wonderful people.

xo Leanne