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GENUINE Vintage Engagement Rings - it can be an ordeal finding the perfect one. From classic solitaires, gorgeous rose cut diamonds, toi et moi, art deco, whatever decade was meant for your finger (or even if you have no idea which yet!)... I'd love to find it for you. For engagement ring budgets anywhere from $2K-$100K at no extra cost over retail price -- your one of a kind ring comes complete with complimentary certified appraisal + insured US shipping.


Vintage Jewelry is Ethical Jewelry + Pretty Special too

Often created with hand crafted art methods that few use anymore due to new jewelry making technology that's faster and cheaper. Handcut stones, handcarved bands, you can feel the unique work done by someone's hands a very long time ago, kept intact by the most precious stones and metals which keep their beauty for generations.

For history and design and art nerds, vintage jewelry represents design trends from a different time and feel, created in a style moment everyone at that time was living in, which can be felt in each piece

And if you prefer something rare over something everyone has - There are only a certain number of historical engagement rings on earth with their original stones still intact, and the farther back we go the more rare they are.

Here's a little secret

The original business plan for Humans We Love was for ethical wedding jewelry I would design. As I explored new ideas for a career, I assumed that Ethical Jewelry Designer was an obvious direction for an Ethical Fashion Designer. Right? So I enrolled in a jewelry making class -- and I could not have been MORE bored or frustrated. Some things are just not meant for us -- jewelry making is a combination of blacksmith, artist, chemist. I am scared of many things like fire and drills and as much as I LOVED school, also I nearly failed chemistry class.

What's funny tho is two things happened next: 1. I didn't get a female entrepreneurship grant I applied for for this business plan. 2. I had added "wedding gowns" to the end of the business model as a "well, if people want them, I can add them to this business sure!" Obviously I wanted to- but I didn't allow myself to want to design fashion again yet. 3. When I was surveying the ethical jewelry market I found myself exploring jewelry for hours on end. 4. When I checked out my first vintage jewelry auction, it overtook me. And that led to creating this vintage jewelry collection which I'm so excited to share with you!