Pasadena, CA + 175 Mile Radius

Yvonne's Vegan Bakery

Yvonne is a French-trained chef from Cordon Bleu, who has been reinventing these meals with a focus on energy, wellness, and longevity by creating them without animal products and ocusing too on farm to table and local ingredients. Her gorgeous cakes are a celebrity favorite and have also been made for two former US presidents including Obama's fundraiser dinner.

Everything is 100% vegan and also gluten free (which I had no idea after eating all the beautiful sweets and cake she made for my dear friend Nicole's birthday!)

She also creates beautiful sweets and vegan cheese trays - perfect for a stunning wedding dessert spread or bridal shower.

New Jersey + NYC + Upstate NY

Jam Cakery

Founded in 2008, Chef Tere Fox and Luis Salgado set out to offer nutritious and delicious vegan eats and treats. They had their own beloved restaurant in Manhattan & Brooklyn for 9 years, Rockin’ Raw and now bring you delicious plant based cakes and catering for any event. They will work with you to create your perfect customized menu and can handle all aspects of the event including photography, music, staff if you'd like.

They have an incredible flavor list from NY Style cheesecake, to pink champagne, to myer lemon lavender chiffon cake with a myer lemon curd filling and an apricot vanilla bean buttercream.

(They can also deliver large cakes to DC!)