let me source your


Let my obsession with the design history of engagement rings help you find the perfect vintage engagement ring - from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro eras, including solitaire, Toi et Moi, floral diamond clusters and alternative engagement gemstones strong enough for wearing every day for the rest of your life. Your ring will include an official appraisal certificate from a certified gemologist in the NYC garment district.

Setup a 15 minute design consultation with me to learn the process and so we can discuss the ring you're looking for.

Timeline: Takes 1-3 months from once consultation and deposit are complete

Budget: Personally sourced rings begin at $2K. 50% Deposit due before sourcing begins, balance due before shipment.

Shipping: Complimentary shipping within the US, fully insured. International shipping is available at extra cost (please note you will be responsible for your country's duties and taxes.)


1. Make a 15 minute appointment with me and check my availability for sourcing.

2. Appointment prep: Fill out this form to send in before the appointment.

3. During our appointment: We will discuss what you're looking for and what your budget is.

4. Sourcing: Depending on my availability it can take 1-3 months to source your ring, during which I'll work with my vintage and antique ring dealers to find some very special beauties for you.

5. The presenting of the RING : I'll send you photos (or if you're in NYC we can go together to look at the rings in person) of the best options for you -the rarer it is, the more likely I may only find one that fits your requirements - but like with life partners, it only take one.

6. Certified Authenticity: Your chosen ring will come with an official appraisal from a Certified Gemologist in the NYC Diamond District, which you can use for insurance purposes and also to see the authentiity and quality of your unique ring's stones, metals, and era.

7. Price of your ring: The price you pay is based on the retail price of the ring, for example from a Diamond District dealer would sell it to you at as a retail client, NOT marked up from this price. The retail price you pay may be less than the appraisal value but will never be higher than appraisal.

All the money details

Balance Due: Once THE ring is presented to you, you have 24 hours to pay the balance so that the ring can be secured for you. Sadly most rings can not be held longer for you as other buyers may be looking at the same one of a kind piece. The balance due is the retail price of the ring minus the deposit made, plus taxes for NY residents.

Under Budget: If your ring is under your expected budget, you just pay the remaining balance. For example if your ring is $5,000, you put down a $3000 deposit with a $6K ideal budget, then the balance due is $2K.

Deposit: If you purchase THE ring, your entire deposit goes towards the retail price of your ring.

Non-refundable portion: If you do not choose to purchase a ring, the non-refundable portion of the deposit is $500 if these criteria have been met: Within the time period agreed upon, I presented you with at least three ring options - all below or at your budget, within +/- 0.2 carats of your ideal stone size, and fitting one of the specified era or design categories listed in the contract.

Exchanges: After receiving the ring in person, you have 1 week to return and exchange it for another choice.