Humans We Love is

Ethical Luxe Bridal Everything (or for whatever you want)

Very limited drops of my *Zero Waste + Vegan* Wedding Gown Designs: 2-8 can be made per design due to vintage, deadstock, and one of a kind trims, some with handmade art elements by independent female artists. I’m constantly sourcing new materials and creating new designs so stay close for new drops!

Vintage Fine Gems I’ve been collecting (including appraised vintage engagement rings under $2K from over 100 years ago).

Gorgeous ethical handmade bridal and fine jewelry by two independent female designers with inspiring design viewpoints and ethically sourced materials, featuring alternative engagement rings and ethical wedding bands.

Vegan ethically made luxe shoes by two of my favorite shoe brands & female founders.

Thoughtful + Conscientious Plant Based Vendors for events including caterers, and cake makers and venues. (This is in progress - lmk if you know someone I should check out to add!)

xo Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (Founder)

humans we love


100% Vegan & Cruelty Free : for the Animals (but also for the people - no company can have ethical labor who isn't also vegan, slaughterhouses and factory farms have some of the planet's worst labor conditions)

Ethical Labor & Artistry: Living wages in safe toxin free environments and artisinal creative production, as well as independent entrepreneurs who have created their own businesses with their art.

Zero Waste and Innovative Plantbased & Renewed Materials: Humans We Love gowns and fine gems are zero waste. All handmade to order fine jewelry is also zero waste. Our featured shoe brands run small runs using innovative toxin free materials. More from each brand on their pages

Hilgart is a gamechanger, embodying courage, creativity, and conviction.

Condé Nast



Breaking runway history, Hilgart is the rebel of fashion week.


Leanne is a fashion mogul without compromising morals.


Hilgart is paving the way for future compassionate designers.

U.S. News & World Report

ALSO (!) Some favorite luxe ethical things for celebrating a human you love.

All researched by a 22 year level 7 vegan (hi!) to be vegan, sustainable, ethically produced and very pretty.


Everything here is 100% vegan, because animals are not ours to wear. Even when killing an animal is not required in the specific moment of taking something from their body, the process of profitably farming many animals, and taking fibers from their bodies as efficiently and profitably as possible without consent causes a lot of suffering and inherent cruelty to maximize production speed and volume. And what most people don't realize is that in the end when an animal is considered "spent" or no longer as profitable to keep alive - they are killed.

INNOVATION through CONSTRAINTS: One exciting thing about doing small very limited drops of new designs is I can continuously source innovative materials using renewed fibers and discover beautiful deadstock materials which would often end up in the landfill. Stay tuned for new drops as I continue to explore innovative vegan plant based and renewed materials that are luxe and really pretty

little LeLe

loved making jewelry, collecting rocks, painting tee shirts and creating recycling programs at school. She's here alive and well, 30 years later so happy to get to play with art, fabrics, and rocks again and hear all about the human you love.