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Meet the Founder

VEERAH Shoes: Stacey Chang

By 2014, Stacey Chang knew fashion could be cruelty-free and beautiful shoes could be made sustainably. When searches for designer vegan shoes only turned up crocs, birks and canvas sneakers, she was surprised by the lack of options for stylish non-leather dress shoes.  It was clear designer footwear needed a reboot.  After spending time studying shoemaking construction in Italy and researching both manufacturing and sourcing companies across Europe and Asia, she found partners who were aligned with her vision.  More committed than ever to create beautiful, ethically designed shoes that today’s mega-tasking and eco-conscious women would love, she launched VEERAH in 2016.

Who makes Veerah shoes?

Ethical Labor by Third Generation Highly skilled Footwear Artisans

VEERAH shoes are handcrafted in New Taipei City of Taiwan and Guangdong Province of China by third-generation highly-skilled footwear artisans paid above a living wage.

These expert artisans have passed down their trade to become the leading experts of shoe craftsmanship in the modern world. We work closely with a tightly knit family-owned factory with dedicated teams armed with decades of experience in working with renowned international luxury footwear brands and laser-focused on perfecting the final product.  

The VEERAH team is at the factories often, to manage product quality, working conditions, and relationships with the workers to ensure that all of our workers are paid above a living wage and work in safe working conditions.