Moon & Rose Garden Ring Set (2 Rings)


Solid Fine Metals (not plated or filled)

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Genuine vintage and antique fine jewelry

Only for Humans We Love Vintage Rings

Shipped to you in a handmade velvet ring box, made by a lovely couple in Ontario.

Each Humans We Love vintage ring is sent from Brooklyn in a lovely little handmade velvet ringbox that will keep your ring safe but you can use to store your ring in too. Emin & Tuba created these in Canada in several sweet velvet colors - if you have a very fave please choose the color you'd like best when you order. If we have it, I'll send that! Please note - I only have a few of each color so if we just soldout then I'll send the color I think will be best with your unique ring.

xo Leanne

Which decade were you meant for?

Art Deco, MidCentury, to the 80's and 90's - these historical beauties can't wait to see your world.

little lele


And turns out she was on to something, just took me a few decades to remember how fun it is to investigate and discover beautiful pieces of earth. So check it out - adult Lele's rock collection! Hand selected to remind you of something important, or to share your love with someone - and ready to bring with on so many adventures on your one of a kind life.

Maybe we all can take notes from little us as to the things we love most when it doesn't matter if anyone else gets it. Unlearning what we should do, should be, what's cool, what's profitable, impressive. I wonder what little you thinks would be fun to do today.

why vintage is so great for celebrating love

Vintage Jewelry is Ethical Jewelry + Pretty Special too

Often created with hand crafted art methods that few use anymore due to new jewelry making technology that's faster and cheaper. Handcut stones, handcarved bands, you can feel the unique work done by someone's hands a very long time ago, kept intact by the most precious stones and metals which keep their beauty for generations.

For history and design and art nerds, vintage jewelry represents design trends from a different time and feel, created in a style moment everyone at that time was living in, which can be felt in each piece

And if you prefer something rare over something everyone has - There are only a certain number of historical engagement rings on earth with their original stones still intact, and the farther back we go the more rare they are.

I can source your


Show me the love of your life and I'll show you some rings you two can commit to.

If you're not interested in learning all the decades, design trends, cuts, stones, finding all the collectors of vintage rings and dealing with them -- I'm here for you! Let my obsession with vintage fine jewelry and connections with dealers and collectors shortcut your search, at no extra cost to you (because I get wholesale pricing for sourcing many rings at once.)

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