the Watercolor Gown

Including flowers grown by the hands of Cheryl in Vermont, who hand paints lace and watches the color grow along the thread lines. And crocheted little fleurs by Jen who then creates care packages for shut in senior citizens and humans without homes with the money she makes selling her flowers.

Humans We Love


In stunning deadstock lace over satin. Made to order just for you, or made to measure in your exact measurements.

the Collage Gown: LOVEBIRDS

Featuring hand embroidered animal couples who explore together, amongst flowers and metallic fields - of deadstock, handmade, and remnant materials. Only two more can be made in mint (shown)



100% Vegan & Cruelty Free : for the Animals (but also for the people - no company can have ethical labor who isn't also vegan, slaughterhouses and factory farms have some of the planet's worst labor conditions)

Ethical Labor & Artistry: Living wages in safe toxin free environments and artisinal creative production, as well as independent entrepreneurs who have created their own businesses with their art.

Zero Waste and Innovative Plantbased & Renewed Materials: Humans We Love gowns are zero waste featuring deadstock, vintage, handmade, and new fabrics made from renewed materials, of which I'm constantly sourcing and experimenting with.

Designer & Founder

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

I started Humans We Love after a long existential adventure trying to figure out why running my last label nearly killed me when it was a dream come true. And what I really really needed more of in my life. Instead of trying to fit myself into a goal, creating a sustainable life that considers my humanity. And then how to translate that into an actual business model.

So the two things that really fill me up are : Creating art, with my hands, slowly, inefficiently - with tons of room to play, to get lost in the moment. I figured this out from painting a dresser, which turned into an art grant to paint a mural in Chinatown. Painting is inefficient, and so is making a wedding gown by hand. And yet, there's no other way to do it right.

And - finding beautiful often undiscovered things, and seeing their future life in my mind. This it turns out is my other favorite thing. I always loved sourcing textiles -- but normally it happens once a season and is super limited to make a full production run of the same styles. With HWL tho, I source materials constantly -- unique trim, ways of making fit of otherwise unfitting pieces - and it turns out discovering vintage jewelry has been the same. There is so much beauty to explore, and then share with you what I see, and then see if off to a new life.

2-8 per design can be made:


VERY happy to present to you, the first HWL Gown Drop! Took months to create these - I started sourcing last June. And it's been so fun to bring them to life, inspired by the beautiful materials I found and the joy of integrating each incredible artists' work into the designs, and working with Mika - an incredible bridal couturier with decades of expertise.

Just a few of each design can be made due to limited vintage and deadstock materials. Hope you love!