from vintage to handcrafted in London and NYC

Ethical Commitment Rings

These are ethically produced and vintage heirloom worthy fine jewelry made of materials that can be worn every single day, of the rest of your life including one of a kind solid gold vintage and antique rings to handcarved pieces with vintage stones made in London and gorgeous 18K solid gold rings made in NYC by master jewelers with traceable ethically sourced stones

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What makes these wedding bands ethical?

Gemstones: Transparently Sourced Ethically Mined
Gemstones: Lab Grown Options
Gemstones: Vintage + Salvaged
Metals: 100% Recycled
Labor: Ethical Artisanal Labor or Preowned

Every ring featured here is either vintage, antique, or estate jewelry - which means no new mining has been done to create the materials. OR, it is handmade by master jewelers or the designer herself, of 100% recycled metails and either vintage, salvaged, completely transparently sourced ethicall mined natural gemstones and diamonds, or lab grown where noted.

Tamsin allows you to choose where your diamond comes from and only offers the most ethical sources, and has very close relations with her 100% transparently sourced sapphires and other gemstones featured here. Ciara uses exclusively vintage gemstones, some of which are antique which means they have very unique handcut shapes. Such treasures!

What's commitment worthy?

Made of only materials built to be worn every day

That means the rings I feature for "Wedding Bands" and "Engagement Rings" stones have a hardness strength level of 8-10 on the Mohs scale (i.e. Diamonds, Sapphires, Spinels, Rubies) and the metal is solid gold or platinum, baby.

Why is this important? Some beautiful stones look super pretty for wearing SOME DAYS - Emerald, and Opal for example! But they are not as strong and can visibly scratch if worn every single day. And if the gold is solid, it will not tarnish so that's ideal for everyday wear. Obvi do you what you like, wear what you want! I just want to only feature rings here that I know are built to be lived in. xo Leanne