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get a gown gifted for your wedding


If you met or fell in love with your human during the pandemic - please share your story! How you met, what your person taught you through this challenging time, and what surprises you about them.

How to Share Your Story:

1. Create a reel on Instagram by uploading 3-5 short videos of everyday life or whatever with your human, set to the song: "CODE" by Nir Felder, or any other instrumental song you love.

2. Add a caption with all the dirt on you two! Including:

  • How you two met and fell in love during the pandemic
  • What surprises you about your human
  • What they've taught you during this time.

3. Post anytime over the next month (by 6/2/2023) to your instagram and tag us @AlltheHumansWeLove, #TheHumanILoveGiveaway

The Gown Giftee will be chosen and announced by 6/12/2023. As gowns are made to order or made to measure - there are zero size restrictions, and I can ship worldwide too. Also your gown can be made in a custom color, so it doesn't have to be wedding white.

To be considered, your wedding will need to be scheduled for November 2023 or later, as it takes 4-6 months to make your gown for you.

Q. What should you include in your video or post?

The goal of these shared stories is on expanding our idea of how love can happen and what it looks like, to contrast the very narrow view that media portrays love, and can make love feel impossible to find. As such - your story can illuminate a new way of seeing love or how to find it! So please share anything that goes against societal portrayals of ideal or typical love or love stories: i.e. the anti love at first sight, the slow burn, the "wasn't your type" details. And then please celebrate the love you have - how they love you in tiny ways, during hard times, or how they surprise you or teach you in ways you didn't expect.

Your story could help someone have hope, and feel less alone, and I would be grateful to hear it!


5. Optional extra to your post #1:

It'd be fun if you also have some friends/family who would like to comment on your post to share what they have observed about your love. I always love asking people - and people who love us, often have the BEST observations we were totally unaware of.


6. I'll share a few stories on our Instagram that I think the world needs more of in their life! (tag us as a collaborator and I'll accept the invite for those chosen, which will then post on our instagram page too)

7. Optional Q&A: If your reel is shared on our Insta, we have the option of doing a Q&A in your comments with the community, about your love! Could be interesting to see what people could learn from real couples who really love each other (Obviously any hate will be deleted and I will put a spell on the person who posted it, or they will be blocked.)


After 1 month to submit your video or post (by 6/2/23 - details above!), I will choose and gift one of our made to order slip wedding dresses to one of you (or the human you love!) - and will announce by June 12th.

Preference will go to those who do not have the financial means to purchase one themselves (so please let me know that via email but regardless - please share your story with us, it will bring inspiration to our community and our world could use a little more genuine inspiration.

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Our instagram will be a collection of

Humans You Love

To combat the media portrayals of love and life as it should be - we're celebrating love and life as it truly is.