What is Humans We Love?

After finishing the first gown collection in October, I've been working on this site daily for five months and It's been hard to summarize HWL. SO hard ha. I didn't create the brand model or concept from marketing research, or to be scaled, or sold one day. I created it against my better business school judgment - in service to the small voices of enthusiasm inside me - hinting that perhaps maybe I could contribute in ways that are fun and manageable for me, honoring my need for personal micro and macro sustainability in order to hopefully contribute to this world for a very long time (and also, sleep, play, etc.)

If I entered this brand plan into an MBA Business Plan Competition they would say what they always said to me: "We don't get it." I used to find that so defeating, I'm not a person who hears no and says "I'll show you!" I hear no and say "wait- are they right?" But that's okay - I realize that they don't have to get it. It's not for them, it's for me and weirdos like me (maybe you) - to put our energy into supporting positive systems for the Earth, the animals, the artists, to fill our lives with wearable art, inspiring humans, collecting true stories that remind you of the quiet daily love in your life right now, the kind of love we dismiss but will grow if we water it. And HWL is for you and the wonderful creators I can connect you with, to support them and their art, while celebrating a human you love.

(Photo by Joshua Katcher, for Brave Gentleman)

So back to the things we make


HUMANS WE LOVE is SLOW art, always ethically made (ethical labor, 100% vegan, and zero waste) tiny drops of my new gown designs (mostly 2-8 will be made per gown) and luxe vintage jewelry finds (including personally sourcing your vintage engagement ring)- and collaborations of thoughtfully handmade ethical beautiful things (check each page for specifics on their ethical practices, but everything is 100% vegan + made by the artists themselves / nontoxic and living wage labor) - most obviously useful for anyone with upcoming nuptials, but also our ethical fine jewelry and vintage fine jewelry is great for celebrating you (hello right hand left hand whatever hand you want), bestie, mom, the most stunning human in your life - and I'm hoping my growing list of vegan event vendors including cake makers will be helpful for your weddings, but also your nonprofit galas, corporate events (should we get all your coworkers to eat vegan? mwahaha) or brother's 40th.

And here! Are many of the Humans We Love who have made some part of some beautiful things on this site.

1. Julia designs and hand embroiders these beautiful animals in Kyiv, Ukraine which are featured on our LoveBirds gown. 2. Stacey creates stunning comfort-focused vegan heels of innovative materials like algae and apples handmade by third generation artisans. 3. Cheryl in Vermont hand paints these lace flowers which are part of the bodice on our watercolor gard gown. 4. Francisca makes some of my favorite shoes ever. 5. Mika takes her decades of couture wedding gown making experience to bring my first wedding dress drop to life. 5. Tamsin creates stunning ethical engagement rings and wedding bands with a team of maste jewelers in NYC. 6. Ciara uses the historical art of wax carving to make inspired fine jewelry with vintage gems. 7. Jenny in CT creates each beautiful candle of simple ingredients & sophisticated scents.


It is impossible to get everything right, to do everything perfectly. I assume if you're someone who cares about the animals, the Earth, workers - you probably think about a lot of things and levels - and this may plague you daily as it has for me. I felt paralyzed for quite a while - had trouble getting out of bed there is just too much going on that I can't help with. It's also what stopped me from starting this sooner - how could wedding gowns help anyone when so much is happening?

But what has helped me (in addition to Zoloft) is realizing that I can fill my life with a little bit of joy wherever I can find it (when I felt most hopeless- this came in the form of a slow daily morning walk stopping to look at flowers, shadows, and strangers, while listening to a podcast and pretending it was a conversation) - and use that as fuel for creating joy, art, connection and systems in ways I can. To know that however much I can do is however much I can do, and that is enough because it is actually all I can give. And you - you are not a machine either, you are a flower and deserve sunshine, and water, and naps. And to know that whatever you are doing right now, every day - it is enough.

You have gifts no one else has. AND you have been given passions, privileges, perspectives, and experiences that no one else has this unique combination of. And so being your self ("in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else" - ee cummings) out loud could be more helpful to this world and the most efficient way for you to serve - than you probably realize.

xo LM