Brilliant Diamond Solitaire Necklace

MADE TO ORDER (4-6 weeks) in NYC

Handmade by Master Jewelers in NYC

Female Founded Small Business

100% Solid Recycled Metal in 14K Gold, 18K Gold, Platinum

All gemstones here are ethically sourced & fully traceable

about the designer


Tamsin Rasor, born in London, grew up in Europe and the Mediterranean and now lives in NYC - designing and creating her jewelry here after working for a decade in the Fashion Industry between London, NYC, and Asia. You can see the global culture in her unique visual voice, featuring bright colors, beautiful lines, and the inspired chic rainbows, ombrés and color gradients combining carefully selected and completely transparently ethically sourced stones from mother Earth, which she sets in recycled gold. Her master jewelry makers create these art pieces in NYC, working with their hands to create something really special for you to wear for the rest of your life.

featured Tamsin Rasor jewelry

Featured engagement + commitment rings are every day wearable.

For Humans We Love, I've hand selected favorite Tamsin Rasor designs that are perfect as alternative engagement and commitment rings -- including only the strongest stones (8-10 rating) on the Mohs scale for everyday wearability. For all of her designs featured with us, all materials include transparently sourced gemstones, and where not possible, HWL offers an identical version of that specific design (i.e. rings with tiny rubies) with lab grown stones as noted.  All diamond rings can be sourced with your ideal ethical diamond source in mind, including vintage, Canadian (which is one of the highest ethical labor certifications of diamonds), and lab grown. xo Leanne

Tamsin can create something just for you!

YES Tamsin loves to create custom ethical wedding and engagement rings too.

Tamsin can customize an existing design you love or create a totally custom engagement or wedding band with her unique eye for ethereal and unique color combinations, ethically sourced and lab grown gemstones and diamonds, and recycled metals - all handmade in NYC by master jewelers.

If you're interested in customizing one of her designs or discussing something that hasn't existed before, email us at and Tamsin will be in touch!